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Privacy Policy

Contains information about the types of data collect, how it is used, and your rights.

Effective date: November 14 2021

If you have additional questions or require more information about the Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to sending an email to preserve the right to edit the Privacy Policy at any time. If do so will send an email notice to all users with a link to the new one.


By using, you consent to the Privacy Policy and agree to its terms. You have the right to withdraw from this agreement later and have all your personal data collected by deleted. Internal system data like database IDs or data tagged as statistics won’t be deleted but instead anonymized so it can’t be traced back to you.

You have two options if you want to withdraw. (1) Send an email to clearly stating your intent. After get your email, will as soon as possible delete your account and personal data. (2) Go to and click the “Delete Account” button to have your account and personal data deleted.

Data collect

If you contact directly, may receive information about you such as your name, email, the contents of the message and/or attachments you may send, and any other information you choose to provide.

When you create an Account, collect your name, email, and password. don’t collect a clear text version of your password. use one-way encryption on it before storing it, so it cannot be recognized or reversed to its original form. also collect timestamps of when you created your account and the last time you updated it.

If you choose to use Google, Twitter, or Facebook as your login provider instead of creating an account still collect the name and email used with your chosen provider. do not collect your password but will instead collect a unique identifier from your login provider.

If you choose to upload an avatar image, will store it on servers in a way that makes it publicly available for anyone with a link to it.

If you choose to use the “personal content notes” feature, will collect data on when a note was created, updated, and the content of it. When your remove a note the data have about it is deleted. may also collect the IP used went visiting together with the time of day, county, web browser, device type, and timed spent in total and on each page. This data is tagged as statistics data and will be anonymized if you delete your account.

How use your data use the data collected only for maintaining and improving the features you choose to use. do not use it on other sites or services. may use all the data collected for website statistics, analyzing user behavior, and demographic to improve and find errors in systems.

Your contact information will be used to contact you only if you have explicitly given permission to do so, if need to inform you about a critical error on, or security issues.

Where is your data physically stored use as hosting provider and store all data on their servers. says “All servers and services are located in highly secure data centers in Denmark” – 21/10/2021

Log files logs the activity on servers in both log files and database entries. All logs are structured in a way where they don't contain personal information but instead an ID that links it to a user. When you delete your account a log ID can no longer be used to identify you and is only used for tracking that the same anonymous person was involved in multiple activities.

Selling your data do NOT in any way sell your data.

Advertisement do NOT use your personal data in any kind of advertisement.

Data sharing with third party are using as hosting provider and they may be collecting things like your IP when visiting You can read their privacy policy on

If you view content using the embedded Youtube video player, Youtube may collect data about what you are watching and from where. To learn more about how Youtube use the embedded video player read the Google Privacy Policy:

If you are using Google, Twitter, or Facebook as your login provider, they may collect information about you logging in on After you have logged in, do not share any information with any of them. You can read their privacy policies here:

If a Danish authority contacts to request access to your data, the first response will be to deny it. If the request is followed up with the necessary documents required by Danish law will comply, but only after decide that don't have any other choice. If someone other than a Danish authority requests access to your data will deny it, and direct them to Danish authorities for future requests. Before sharing your data will give you a heads up and provide you the option to delete it if doing so is not illegal.

Cookies use cookies to store data locally on your device. The data will be sent back and forth between your device and Below is a list of the cookies use and what they are for.

  • GlobalSessionID: used to authenticate you so you don’t have to log in every time you visit
  • .AspNetCore.Antiforgery: used to prevent cross-site request forgery (security)
  • .AspNetCore.Cookies: used by for cookies storage. is the framework is built on
  • content-list-layout: used to remember what layout you have selected for content on the frontpage
  • content-list-more-filters: used to remember if you want to use more advanced filters when searching content

You can see how to delete cookies on


As an EU citizen you have some data protection rights under “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). acknowledges and stand by all of them. If you wish to use your GDBR rights you can contact on

You can learn more about GDPR here:

Children's information does not knowingly collect any personal identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you are a child under 13 you are not allowed to create an account on If you are a parent to a child that has provided this kind of information, strongly encourage you to contact so the records can be removed.