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The vault is a free platform with curated game development resources. The goal is to be the first stop for anyone looking for help with game development.

The vault is still new, but it's growing! The plan is to get more people involved to help it grow faster. If you have any ideas for the site or want to suggest changes, send an email to

Find & Review Content

The most significant resource drain is finding and reviewing content. Everything is manually reviewed, and some content may even require someone with specific skills to do it.

Metadata & Cleanup

Another big resource drain is metadata and cleanup. Cleanup could be to rewrite clickbait titles or descriptions. Metadata is adding things like tags, categorization, and new timestamps.


Everything is downloaded and saved to ensure its availability in case the original copy is lost. The archive is a backup for worst case and is not open to the public.

Maintain Servers

The site needs constant development and maintenance like fixing bugs and adding better searching. There are also server expenses every month.


While the vault is a free resource to use, maintaining and operating the platform requires significant investment. Currently, I (Levi) is solely responsible for financing and managing the site, but your support can make a big difference. By sharing the website with your network on social media, you can play a key role in ensuring its success and growth. Additionally, your contributions of new, relevant content can also help further enhance the value of the platform for the game development community.

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Who is behind

Hi. My name is Levi Moore and I am deeply passionate about the field of game development. I hold a degree in computer science specializing in game development. I work in the games industry full-time as a developer. Additionally, I have experience as an educator, having taught programming and game design.

While the internet is a vast repository of valuable information, it can be difficult to sift through countless sources and distinguish credible information from misinformation. With this in mind, I created the vault to provide a reliable, time-saving destination for game development resources.

If you have any questions or want to talk, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at